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Above Roots Creative Group stands at the forefront of personalized branding solutions, distinguishing itself as a leader in the realm of customized products. Their portfolio boasts an impressive array of items tailored to capture the essence of diverse brands. Business cards, meticulously designed, serve as the perfect handshake introduction, resonating with sophistication and professionalism. Display tents, masterfully crafted, transform any event space into an immersive branding experience. Flags, bearing the insignias of various enterprises, flutter with pride and purpose, while banners elegantly unfurl, showcasing vibrant designs and messages. Together, these offerings by Above Roots Creative Group encapsulate the power of effective branding, proving that with the right touch, any product can be transformed into a compelling brand ambassador.

Brand In Sight, Remain Top Of Mind

Business Cards

A good business card is more than just a contact detail placeholder; it's a personalized emblem of your professional brand. With a plethora of styles, designs, and premium paper stocks available, every card can be meticulously customized to resonate with one's unique identity. Whether you opt for a minimalist design on matte finish or a vibrant pattern on textured paper, the choices are endless. The sheer variety ensures that each card not only stands out but also tells its own story. 


Custom branded keychains and lanyards are not just practical accessories; they're mobile advertisements that amplify brand visibility. Acting as daily reminders of a brand or message, these cost-effective promotional items enhance brand recognition and loyalty, turning everyday objects into memorable touchpoints. Whether distributed at events or as gifts, they offer a lasting brand impression.

Bags/ Packages

Custom-branded bags and packaging transform the mundane act of carrying or receiving items into a potent marketing opportunity. From shopping bags to shipping boxes, the visual appeal and distinctiveness of branded packaging not only elevates the consumer experience but also extends brand reach. Every time a customer carries a branded shopping bag or a parcel is delivered in customized packaging, it becomes a walking or stationary advertisement.


High-quality custom-branded tents reflect a brand's dedication to excellence and durability. Our tents ensure longevity and resilience during events and communicate a strong brand presence. The hexagonal 40mm aluminum frame offers superior stability, a testament to the brand's commitment to quality. Additionally, accompanying travel bags make transportation and storage hassle-free. These features create a lasting impression on attendees and potential customers.

Table Covers

Custom-branded table covers, available in a variety of sizes and fits, play a crucial role in enhancing a brand's presentation at events, trade shows, or expos. These tailored covers not only protect tables but also transform them into attention-grabbing platforms that broadcast the brand's identity. Whether it's the sleek allure of a stretch cover or the snug elegance of a fitted one, each style offers its unique aesthetic appeal.


Custom-branded flags, available in a diverse array of shapes and sizes, are pivotal in capturing attention and amplifying a brand's presence. Their fluttering motion naturally draws the eye, making them effective tools to stand out in crowded settings like events or storefronts. The versatility in shape and size allows brands to choose designs that align seamlessly with their messaging and aesthetic.

Popup/ Banners

Custom-branded pop-up banners, available in a spectrum of sizes tailored to one's preference, are indispensable tools for impactful brand promotion. Their versatility allows them to be positioned strategically at events, trade shows, or even retail spaces, instantly grabbing attention. The adaptability in size ensures that they fit perfectly within any promotional setting, from compact corners to expansive halls.


Custom-branded accessories hold a unique power in the world of marketing and branding. The possibilities are limitless, from cups to apparel and from trinkets to stationery. When a brand personalizes these everyday items, it seamlessly integrates itself into the daily lives of its audience. The promise "whatever you can think of, we can design and deliver" showcases adaptability and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Trade Show

A custom-branded trade show setup is pivotal in distinguishing a brand amidst the bustling environment of an exhibition. It's more than just a physical space; it's a brand's statement of identity, values, and professionalism. A tailored setup captures the essence of the brand, allowing it to resonate with attendees even in a sea of competitors. From banner placements to the color palette, every detail matters.

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